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Because sex-critical feminism doesn’t and didn’t occur in a vacuum

So, why the PSA about Valerie Solanas? It’s not just a bunch of weird prudes extending their prudishness to other people because they somehow missed the memo that other people wanted sex. Why is it appropriate to talk about Valerie Solanas’ crimes against sex positivity (and also Andy Warhol) without a single mention of the crimes committed against Valerie Solanas? Sex-critical feminism comes up because people have harmful experiences with sex. Modern sex-critical feminism, including sex-critical feminism that seeks to coexist with sex-positive feminism, still exists because people have harmful experiences with sex.

These ideas weren’t just popular (for a given value of popularity) with some wlw because they weren’t that sexual, is what I’m saying.

The second wave had a lot to do with that – a direct, harsh retaliation to the shittiness of life under patriarchy. It’s not just the bad, unsexy days of yore. If we’re going to talk about the second wave, let’s talk about the second wave! It was a backlash to women being sexualized by men. A lot of third-wave feminism is the backlash to the backlash – that resisting sexualization doesn’t need mydirtyhobby dating to mean resisting sexuality – and sex-positivity is absolutely valuable and important and good! But when we only discuss the second wave as something being reacted to, rather than itself a reaction, we lose historical context and we shift the blame somewhere it doesn’t belong.


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